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Suggested Dose:

* Health problems (major): 1 spoon 3-4 times a day
* Health problems (minor): 1 scoop 2 times a day
* Prophylactic: 1 scoop once a day
* Children aged 6-12 years: 1 / 2 adult dose
* Children under 6 years: 1 / 4 adult dose
* Infants consuming already borne fruit: umoczyć pacifier in the drink once a day

Pregnant women and women during Lactation may consume juice.


Before using strong drink shake that particles are not filled the fruit on the bottom of the bottle.
Drink well chilled drink immediately before or during it.Thanks to the fat-soluble xanthines are better absorbed and transported into the body. It is recommended to also drink lots of water (about 2 liters) per day. This allows more juice ingredients are dissolved in the body and easily transported to every cell of our body. Consumption of large quantities of water ensures the removal of toxins from the body, which body is purified while drinking the juice.


In addition to vitamins and minerals, green tea is extracted from organic plantation contains many ingredients of the antioxidant activity and enhances health.
One of its main components is the bioflavonoids catechin group. It shows the beneficial properties - Whether applied individually or in combination with other flavonoids in tea is located - among other things, assisted by the immune system and removes free radicals.


Aloe true comes from Africa.
It is a plant used for centuries for its extensive operation and characteristics of life-support. Aloe is made up of several important components, including the beneficial minerals, vitamins and Polysaccharides. Moreover, as proved recently by studies glikobiologów, aloe vera contains natural dietary sugars called glikolowymi nutrients. It is known that they have a favorable influence on the human body.
A bottle of Mangosteen Plus contains organic aloe preparation real glycol rich nutrients, which can achieve such beneficial effects and variety to the daily diet.


# The states of depression reduces the size of this disease
# Facilitates the treatment of gastric ulcers, mouth and intestines
# Assisted by the immune system
# prophylactically with kidney disease
# slows the aging of cells and Skin
# contains xanthine, known as a super antioxidant
# helps in the treatment of dandruff and prevents hair loss
# improves cholesterol results
# assisted by the formation of red blood cells


"Sick body needs for regeneration of organic material rather than synthetic. Drink enriched with Natural Mangosteen juice contains a lot of supporting xanthones, and can eat it all regardless of age or health.".

Dr. Frederic Tempelman-known American scientist and physician, author of "Mangosteen: The X factor 'about xanthones and the Mangosteen fruit, adds this:" I've been using Mangosteen fruit as the main treatment for the following diseases:

* gastroesophageal reflux - reflux disease
* failure of gastric hyperacidity
* rozworowa esophageal hernia
* Arthritis
* Fibromyalgia
* Fatigue
* depression (light figures)


Same fruit is the size of tangerines with a strong purple color and a thick skin. In the middle lies the white, proud and delicate flesh.
The taste reminds a combination of pineapple and peach.


Garcinia mangostana fruit trees are rich in xantyny and occurring in nature contain minerals and trace elements (potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and others), polyphenols, catechins, Polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C), bioflavonoidy , effective antioxidants, phytonutrienty, as well as other securities in terms of nutritional physiology of secondary vegetable ingredients.


At present VEMMA is the world's best product containing antioxidants. Mangosteen peel is the most important supplier of xanthones.

Xanthones - are natural substances with a strong pharmaceutical properties can be found in fruits and vegetables. At present there are about 200 different xanthones (Mangosteen is the 40).
Xanthones have positive effects on cells of the body, thus helping to create a natural protective barrier for the body.

Without the aid of minerals, vitamins can not work in our body. Minerals play an important role in the growth, regeneration and tissue maintenance. Minerals are also associated with relaxation of muscles, nerves, and the functioning of the internal energy of the body.

• V - Vitamins
• E - Essentials
• M - Minerals
• M - Mangosteen
• A - Aloe


Vemma is a drink containing the active complex nutrients. All metabolic processes and living organisms are based on the so-called. colloidal solution. Koloidalnymi relevant solutions are, for example blood and lymphatic system. And all natural vegetable juices are koloidalnymi solutions. This is the body had at his disposal all the important nutrients, it is best to transform minerals into small parts and keep them in the form of a liquid nutrition. This Corresponds to the action of the colloidal solution.

Cells are the building blocks of our body. Our body produces daily 300 million cells. It is more than 9 trillion per month. Every single cell is as healthy as provided in the process of creating database of vitamins and minerals.


Vemma Essential Minerals ® provides what the company may be missing in your daily diet: more than 65 essential micronutrients and ultraelementów in the form of an ionic liquid.Minerals are derived from thousands of years undisturbed vegetation rich in plant nutrients. They then pass the Biology available (absorbed by the body) Ionic state. This means that the minerals are reduced to the smallest component, under which may exist, while retaining its physical properties, and then dissolved, Obtaining a liquid state. The result is 100% Ionic minerals rich in liquid product that is easily absorbed by the body. This is important because with the aging of our body's ability to absorb minerals decreases, so a set of easy to assimilate minerals can be very helpful.


The package of Vemma Nutrition Program ™ offers products Essential Minerals ® and Mangosteen Plus ™. We believe so strongly in this connection that we guarantee full refund even after consuming the whole bottle of Vemma supplement brands. Although the market is currently a lot of juice to choose from, but most of them have little to offer in terms of content, the necessary vitamins and minerals. So why buy juice in addition to a dietary supplement containing vitamins or minerals? Vemma gives you it all in one!


BK Boreyko, director for marketing with years of experience and award-winning entrepreneur, is an ardent fan of a healthy lifestyle, which infects all at every opportunity. In 1995, AB saw the potential of developing the health and beauty industry, so he founded the world's first company in this industry, New Vision ®. New Vision is a resounding success - at one time gains from the sale exceeded the amount of a billion dollars, and the company has gained over one-million multitude of satisfied customers. In 2004, AB was ready to take on new challenges and to enter the emerging market until liquid supplements. With the help of specialists, doctors and scientists working for the Department of Research and Development, was born VEMMA - excellent, easily digestible liquid formula.

Vemma, which is an abbreviation for V itamins, ssential M inerals E, F and A angosteen loe, laboratory-tested fluid is a combination of 12 essential vitamins for human antioxidant properties and 65 ionic trace minerals from plant origin.According to BK - "is the best way to provide the body nutrients, as well as" the most powerful liquid antioxidant on the planet, which, in addition ... excellent taste! "


New Vision is the company a solid and reliable, of good repute among customers retail chains. Its activity is coordinated with the current headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company also operates an extremely efficient distribution center and manufacturing plant producing liquid medicines, both located in Tempe, Arizona.In an industry where over 90% of new businesses go bankrupt in the first year and more than 98% in the first five years, New Vision has the twelfth consecutive year, achieved success as manifested in the profit. Even more impressive is the fact that New Vision has paid nearly 500 million U.S. dollars to its members, without any delay in payment of fees or payments in respect of commitments.


One sentence - seven words. Everything boils down to this.
The basis of change for the better is mutual help.

Here's our mission. New Vision ® - founded by BK Boreyko and his family Vemma's parent company - is a leader in health and beauty. Over 10 years ago, New Vision has introduced to the growing U.S. market for nutritional drinks the best selling liquid dietary supplement rich in minerals. Profits, which reached its retail sales exceeded EUR one billion dollars.


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Adam Dobrzyński - czołowy polski maratończyk, którego rekord życiowy w maratonie wynosi 2:11,29.

Justine Henin pod koniec swojej kariery dowiedziała się od trenera o produkcie, do dziś dzień pije VEMMA - ujawnił "Women's Fitness Magazine". Piszą, iż Tenisistki bardziej się koncentrują, skupiają na grze.


# Problemy zdrowotne (poważne): 1 miarka 3-4 razy dziennie
# Problemy zdrowotne (małe): 1 miarka 2 razy dziennie
# Profilaktycznie: 1 miarka raz dziennie

Kobiety ciężarne jak i kobiety w okresie karmienia mogą spożywać sok.


Należy pamiętać, że różne organizmy różnie reagują w zależności od wagi ciała, przyjmowanych płynów, zanieczyszczenia organizmu, etc.

Przed użyciem napój mocno wstrząsnąć, aby cząsteczki owocu nie zalegały na dnie butelki.
Pić napój dobrze schłodzony bezpośrednio przed posiłkiem lub w jego trakcie. Dzięki temu ksantyny rozpuszczalne w tłuszczu lepiej będą absorbowane i transportowane do organizmu.


Oprócz witamin i minerałów zielona herbata uzyskiwana z plantacji ekologicznych zawiera wiele składników o działaniu przeciwutleniającym i poprawiającym stan zdrowia.

  • awatar vemma: Jest to blog produktu VEMMA. Jest to jedyny suplement diety wzbogacony minerałami i witaminami. Jest tak bezpieczny, że nawet kobiety w ciąży mogą to spożywać.
  • awatar Gość: oj a to jakis ekologiczny blog?zielona herbata jest pycha blog z horrorami: www.horrors.pinger.pl
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Aloes prawdziwy pochodzi z Afryki.
Jest to roślina stosowana od wieków ze względu na swoje wszechstronne działanie i właściwości podtrzymujące życie. Aloes składa się z kilku ważnych komponentów, w tym z dobroczynnych minerałów, witamin oraz polisacharydów. Ponadto, jak okazało się ostatnio w wyniku badań glikobiologów, aloes zawiera naturalne...


# wpływa pozytywnie na fizyczne i psychiczne zmęczenie
# pomaga organizmowi zwalczać zapalenia
# obniża temperaturę
# przy stanach depresji zmniejsza rozmiar tej choroby
# wspomaga leczenie wrzodów żołądka, ust i jelit
# wspomaga system immunologiczny
# profilaktycznie przy chorobach nerek

  • awatar vemma: @grapevine: niestety produkt nie jest dla wszystkich ze względu na cenę, dwie butelki suplementu diety VEMMA kosztują 80.80Euro. Płatności można dokonać także w naszej walucie według kursu NBP.
  • awatar grapevine: cos dla mnie. Co z ceną?
  • awatar nenulla: ooo
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Właściwości zdrowotne mangostanu świat poznał dzięki tradycyjnej medycynie azjatyckiej, gdzie owoc ten używany jest od wieków w wielu problemach zdrowotnych.

"Skórka mangostanu zawiera przynajmniej 40 ksantonów, z których aż sześć wykazuje działanie przeciwko rakowi piersi, prostaty, płuc, żołądka, itp.". (Dr Sam Walters).

Jednym z wielu autorytetów pracujących przez lata nad tematem związanym ze zdrowotnym działaniem owocu mangostanu, jest amerykański etnobotanik dr James Duke. Jego badania pokazują zastosowanie owocu aż w 138 oddzielnych przypadkach chorobowych, gdzie można zastosować owoc mangostanu.
Wśród nich można przeczytać o takich chorobach jak:

* choroby reumatyczne
* dyskopatie
* toczeń rumieniowaty układowy
* przewlekłe bóle
* neuropatia
* migreny
* choroba wrzodowa żołądka i dwunastnicy
* cukrzyca

Dr Frederic Tempelman znany amerykański naukowiec i lekarz, autor książki "Mangosteen the X factor" na temat ksantonów i owocu mangostanu, dodaje do tego: "Używam owocu mangostanu jako głównej terapii w następujących schorzeniach:

* reflux żołądkowo - przełykowy
* niesprawność z nadkwasotą treści żołądkowej
* rozworowa przepuklina przełykowa
* zapalenie stawów
* fibromialgia
* zmęczenie
* depresje (lekkie postacie)
* astma
* zapalenieschyłku jelita grubego